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Monday, October 18, 2010

Home again!

What a trip! For once I had a holiday I wanted to go on and on and on! None of this, "I'm ready to go home now". It surpassed all my dreams and expectations, leaving me thirsting for more. Roll on the next one.

Trying to work out how to add photos so you can all see why I loved it so much. Will be back when I work it out.
So we have a picture of steamy, sultry Singapore. This is the area known as Chinatown, lots of market stalls, pagoda temples etc. fascinating if you can resist all the demands to part with your dollars! Hubby haggled with a trader for a watch. Saved S$5! The Pagoda Temple was lovely. We had to remove our shoes to enter. I was perturbed by the way people showed little respect for the holy place. (Saw more examples of this in Rome later on.) Not easy to find a cup of tea, lol.
Then we have part of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. The palace is still standing but part of the chapel is in ruins. This palace is now only used in July when the Queen presents awards. It is a fascinating example of middle ages living, dark timberlined walls, heavy tapestries, etc.
Thirdly we have a fascinating, if strange little village called New Lanark. This was an old mill town, reconstructed by Robert Owen, as a project intended to create better living standards for the people, to provide education for their children etc. He had some strong beliefs and today this would be seen as a sort of cult, but he certainly did improve the lives of those who lived in the town he created. Lovely spot though.

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